Another in need of help updating firmware! GXP2135 via IIS


Hi peeps, I am trying to update firmware on a Grandstream GXP2135 with firmware v1.0.6.9

I have a IIS server that has the firmware hosted, and I can access the firmware files over http.
In the servers wwwroot, I have the folder path grandstream_firmware/testing
I have placed the bin file for v1.0.7.97 in the folder grandstream_firmware/testing as the firmware to update my phone to

On the phone from the upgrade and provisioning menu
I have set the phone to always check for new firmware
I have set it to upgrade via HTTP
The address I have in the phones firmware server path is
I have disabled DHCP 43/66 override

It seems massively complex for a simple firmware update, so I need some help please


And ?
Phone ask for firmware or not ?


I’m not sure where to look - do you need to do something else before it updates?


Log from IIS, it detect HTTP request or not?


I perhapse stumbled onto it, but turning on Directory Browsing might have made the difference, as I can now update the firmware :slight_smile: