Announcement mesage without VM


Hi Is there a way to create a dummy extension that will play an announcement message but not give the vm option at the end of the message . We just want callers to dial 9 at the IVR ,get to listen to the announcement and then get disconnected. Or to get back to the IVR again . I can do it with a regular vm temporary message ,but then it gives the vm tone at the end of the announcement and lets users leave a message, which we do not want


I would do this as a dummy IVR (an IVR that goes nowhere). Set everything to 1 and set the last two options to either hang-up or go back to the main IVR. Record the announcement on the dummy IVR to play the message you want played.


Problem is that we change these announcements from time to time . The person recording the announcements is mobile and does not have access to the UCM. I would like him to be able to change the announcement by loggong in to an extension ,either on a remote ip phone or on a softphone on his android device . In general ,having to make recording changes by looging in to the ucm is hard for many users who dont have full time IT guys


I don’t have a elegant solution for you as there is no option to setup a VM with no message box and there is no way to call from a handset or remote to change the IVR that I’m aware of. However, I’ll share my process here for you and for anyone else that stumbles upon this thread.

In advance… Yes, I know. It’s a complicated solution. However, the marketing side of me does not want my customers to get lazy with the recording as it reflects poorly on my product. If the system sound like crap and someone asked where they got the system, I could lose the sale as they avoid working with me. If I keep my customers sounding great, I look great. I am the phone system expert and I will provide expert advice, not the easiest way to accomplish something. Once it’s setup, it’s very easy to manage.

Solution (ish):

Some of my customers are comfortable using recording software and a microphone to record messages. They are using the free, opensource program called Audacity. They only record messages themselves occasionally. Primarily, they have a relationship with a person on who records all the messages well in advance of seasonal messages and sales.

So, while the customers have the ability to make an off the cuff recording via Audacity, they are only making changes by uploading recording. They are never changing an IVR recording from an phone handset. I’ve personally gone through the extra steps of teaching people the very basics of recording the trimming a project as I detest the common problems with recording an IVR over a handset. Those being…

  1. Poor sound quality.
  2. Too much mouth noise in the recording.
  3. The sound of the handset being hung up.
  4. The missing marketing shine that comes from a quality job. Too many people, as soon as the pick up a phone, fall back on the casual familiarity that comes from talking on a phone your whole life and slur words / fail to enunciate.

With that said, here’s my solution (assuming you’re working with recordings).

  1. Setup a Custom Privilege called IVR.
  2. Select IVR from the Privilege level on the left and add it to the box on the right.
  3. Setup a user, such as IVRAdmin with the privilege of IVR.

Show the person who is admin on the IVR how to log in and upload a new file. Select the file from the drop down. Save and apply. This solution will allow anyone with VPN or RDP access into the building to update a new IVR file.

If you’re customer insists on being able to update the IVR from a handset. They require much more than IVR privilege. Possibly Admin access, I’m not sure. They still don’t need to be onsite if they have VPN, RDP access and a remote phone or GS WAVE.


This is for a school that needs to update parents about sudden scheduke changes or trip schedules etc so its always a last second after hours thing . No time to plan or be in the building . People making messages are not tech savvy to configure the UCM . By the way ,Im not sure from your post how somebody could update the IVr from a handset . I can give the access but how is it done ? Thanks for your help . I wish there was a simple way to just turn off the voice mail recording prompt . Although that still wont be able to automatically disconnect the call