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Is there an Android/iphone app for the device or is there one that Grandstream recommends to best use all the features it has?


i have the same question asked several times but no replies from Grandstream


I was told an Android app is being developed for the Grandstream GVR3550 but I don’t believe that will provide direct support for the GXV3611IR_HD.

I would think something will follow, however, there are already some Android apps mentioned in other posts that work with the GXV3611IR_HD. I’ve personally tested VLC on various Windows versions and iPad too. VLC is available for Android (beta) and there’s no fee which will appeal to some of your customers.

Since apps already exist, will Grandstream reinvent the wheel by producing another app similar to those existing? Perhaps w00t can tell us…?


none of the apps on google work. also the problem is the video driver that requires to be downloaded if you open in android browser, the driver is a windows driver. VLC and others do not open the stream from the grandstream camera


i never had problems openning the video with vlc. The device ist just providing motion jpeg and h264 media which is both supported by vlc. you just have to open rtsp://ip of device/VideoMain for the HD Stream.


[quote=“neoi, post:4, topic:10052”]… VLC and others do not open the stream from the grandstream camera
You likely have your camera or the app setup incorrectly. Take a look at this screenshot which should guide you on how to configure it or please post a screenshot of your setup so we can see how you are configured. If you have access to a computer technician or someone familiar with networks, you may want to get their help as this should only take a few seconds to configure and get working after the networking is setup.


Thanks for the tip about VLC. I will try that.

It would still be nice for the average user to have an “app” in the Google Play store. Perhaps make it auto-discover cameras in the same broadcast domain/subnet range.


you can use “IP cam viewer”


I also use ipcam viewer on android to quickly check the rtsp stream.

I use vlc on my laptop, or jitsi to sip video call the camera.


There is an Android App in the beta area now.


[quote=“neoi, post:4, topic:10052”]VLC and others do not open the stream from the grandstream camera

This is incorrect - you CAN use the Video Lan program called VLC


The Android version of app is available for free on Vshare APK.