Analog trunk unavailable after line power failure


Analog trunk unavailable after line power failure

I have UCM 6204 an only one analog trunk, and one SIP trunk for now.

I notice that after a power failure on the analog trunk, the UCM marks it as unavailable on the dashboard for unlimited time, even if line come back online.

While unavailable the analog trunk is totally unusable for in or out

To fix this I must enter to the analog trunk, edit, and make apply changes, (even if I don’t change anything, and just then the analog trunk become available.

So, there is a way to make UCM to reactivate automatically the analog trunk after a power failure.

There is not power failure in the UCM

I won´t receive incoming locals calls and out calls are free from analog trunk, and it keeps running SIP credit until I do “apply changes manually” to reactivate analog line,

Thanks a lot


try to delete the pstn trunk, restart UCM and recreate it again


I fix it first disabling “Use CallerID”, then as I need CallerID, I change manually on “Caller ID Scheme” from automatic to: Bellcore/Telcordia.

And now after a power drop it reconnect again, and I have Caller ID, this is like a bug, but for me is working.