Analog setup on UCM6202 and GXP2140


Hello again!

Here is what I have; one analog line with a call waiting (not sure if it’s the proper term, newbie here), a UCM6202 and 3 GPX2140.

I set up an analog trunk with a ring group so that every phone rings whenever a call comes in. One problem I have is, instead of the phones ringing with the sound of an inbound ring, they ring as if they were going outbound. When I’m on the phone, I also hear the call wait on the line but I have no way to switch to the other caller.

The way the phones are set up is ext 1000, 1001 and 1002 but I would much rather see the lines on the phones instead of the extensions so whenever line one is busy it shows up on the other phones and to know how to switch to the second caller?

thanks in advance and if there is a guide I missed pointing toward it would be highly appreciated. This forum is really helpful to newbies like me.


if you talk about the call waiting on the line, you have to have it disabled by the operator (or get the codes to deactivate it, it could be #43#, to be done with an analog phone)


That is the default ring tone on the GXP2140. You can either use one of the 3 other provided (equally bad in many people’s opinion) ring tones or upload your own.

You should not be subscribing to Call Wain on an analogue line if you are using a UCM. The IP PBX has no way of handling these calls so you are effectively paying for a service you cannot use.

The UCM is not an old key system, which is what you are referring to (seeing the line vs the extensions). When properly setup the UCM takes care of utilizing all the lines available to it.

Given that you are using analogues lines I would hope they are set up in a hunt group and that all lines are configured with the phone company to send out the same phone number to the receiver’s CallerID.

@lure FWIW I suggest that you switch form analogue lines to SIP trunks; that assumes you can get an adequate Internet connection in your area.


Call Waiting is only possible if you can use a code instead of a “hook flash” because the UCM cant relay the flash to the outside line provider.

If you need more than one call you will need another analogue line or order a VoIP/SIP service from a provider that allows more than one call in on VoIP/SIP.