Analog lines not hanging up after a call



I would like to ask regarding UCMPBX 6104 and 6116, basically 6100 series.
Analog lines are currently terminated to these PBX and there are instances that incoming calls are not hanging up on the system even if the caller has already hung up his/her phone.
As per checking on the Active Calls tab, some calls are ongoing for almost 24 hours causing the line to be busy and unavailable.
We then manually end the call on the UCM PBX web GUI.
I have tried to configure the ports config by changing the tone country to Philippines where the PBX is located.
I have also set the disconnection value by following these suggestion from another post "If PSTN detection your current disconnect to 700+ try reducing it to 200ms. Conversely, if it set it at 200ms, increase it to 700-1000ms."
Busydetection is also enabled.
but issue is still persisting.
Can someone please suggest configurations on how to resolve this issue.
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


Have you run the PTSN detection within the Analog trunk creation page?



I am having the same issue. We are using UCM6208. The firmware is of which is latest. Also tried the FXO detection from Interface settings. it detected and updated the same. Tone country set is Nepal. Polarity Reversal Enabled.

If anyone found the solution to this. Please let me know as well.

Romush Tuladhar


Hey If anyone can help me out… im having the same issue. for some reason its happen randomly , i have an incoming call and even the people who its calling end the call the call still active on my pbx,. i need to how into the web and hang up the call. sometimes after 3 / 4 hours without receiving a call…


Please do not make multiple post regarding the same issue as you created one and then restarted the thread on this post some 2 years later. I am closing the thread.