Analog hotline with UCM6202


I’ll try to explain this as clearly as possible but I am a newbie configuring this system, so please bear with me :slight_smile:

I am trying to replace an old home system with UCM6202.

We have a VOIP landline + an internal analog line to communicate with the access control security guy.

The VOIP landline works correctly. The problem comes with the analog line. It is a “hotline”, so when you connect a regular analog phone to it, it will directly call the other side with no need to dial anything.

What have I done
I have configured an analog trunk for the analog line, which is connected to the FXO1 port of the UCM.

I have configured an outbound route for the analog trunk. I am trying that when callers dial 1, the analog line is automatically selected (and thus, call through it). I have tried many patterns (_1X., _1.) but none of them seem to be working.

What error I am getting
Always getting the message: “The number you have dialed is not available”.

What might I be doing wrong?

These are screenshots of the configurations for the trunk and the outbound route:


1st what is the analog trunk? Is this something that you personally developed? Is is a commercially supplied POTS line?

The rule indicates that only the “1” will be sent. What is the expectation at the poprvider or other end when the “1” is seen?


Your Pattern should 1X.
Strip set to 1
Privilege Level in Extension needs to Match in Outbound routes.


I would say to use a longer number, something like “100” and also I would send the whole number to the trunk, since the UCM won’t allow you to open the line without sending a number. And a benefit of using a longer number is that you can actually strip it down to even a single digit if you must without issues.

I commonly do that for older PA amps.


Thank you for all the replies. Seems that the problem magically fixed itself with the configuration I posted :confused: I am now able to make and receive calls via the hotline. :slight_smile: