AMI - Parking lot Name is set to Extension "default" instead of assigned name



I have named a few parking lots in a UCM6202 device.
Parkinglot 700: Sales
Parkinglot 800: Marketing
Parkinglot 900: Engineering.

When calling the AMI api (action: parkinglots), the only names I get are “default” for extension 700, and the others are named by their extension.

For example, after logging into Grandstream via Putty:

action: parkinglots

Response: Success
EventList: start
Message: Parking lots will follow

Event: Parkinglot
Name: default	        <-- Should be "Sales"
StartSpace: 701
StopSpace: 720
Timeout: 300

Event: Parkinglot
Name: 800               <-- Should be "Marketing"
StartSpace: 801
StopSpace: 810
Timeout: 300

Event: Parkinglot
Name: 900               <-- Should be "Engineering"
StartSpace: 901
StopSpace: 905
Timeout: 300

Event: ParkinglotsComplete
EventList: Complete
ListItems: 3

I’m not able to find anywhere where this data can be set or retrieved other than in the webapp

EDIT: This also is the case for my UCM6302A. It seems AMI sends the extension as the name.
This has been confirmed using wireshark. No “Marketing” is sent down the wire.

Is this just a label for the web interface then?