Alternative Queue Switchboard interface or API


We have installed a UCM6204 for a customer with a call queue, functionality is fine however they are not satisfied with the queue stats switchboard, they want something big and obvious like the 3CX wall board.

Is anyone aware of an alternative queue stats wall board or, as a worst case, can this information be accessed via AMI or some other API?



Contact This company works with UCM


Thanks, I have contacted Man3000, unfortunately their wallboard system is only for use with their hosted telephone solution.

The customer would like something the displays queue stats for their on-premise UCM6204 but are not satisfied with the built in switchboard stats.


I’ve used in the past with the UCM and it works well. As for AMI, yes all the information you need for a comprehensive wallboard/dashboard is available through AMI.
I did write on a php based dashboard using AMI a few years ago for a client who wanted basic live call stats on the UCM via AMI so its quite possible to write one yourself


Jut saw this now form another forum memebr posted it on another post


There should be one more external statistics soft available in new firmware (not sure when). As far i see integration is almost done :slight_smile: At this point i cannot share more.