Alternate DNS


i put into the first DNS entry. it looks like this is OVERRRIDING the DHCP settings? I think there should be a checkbox to replace or to append it to the DHCP DNS


Agreed - although the existing way to do this would be to NOT set it if you don’t want to use it - to set it if you do want to use it :wink: it might be missing documentation, but the way it is now does work - it’s just that you have to NOT set it if you don’t want it. Of course that’s a bigger problem if the DNS can’t be controlled by provisioning / zero touch?



Do you mean you add it to “Alternate DNS Server?”



it could be both ways I guess.

  1. replace any DHCP DNS
  2. Append to any DHCP DNS




It seems we already addressed this issue in the latest revision. It is appending DNS list instead of replacing.



the more I think about it, I think there should be a checkbox for the DNS entries. Override DHCP DNS or Append. Thoughts?



For consistency, the implementation of alternate DNS should append to DHCP DNS. I think your request is to add a static DNS option. We could consider this option.



a lot of devices have a checkbox to override the DHCP provided info. THat’s what I’m asking for. If it is CHECKED then the DHCP is overridden. If it is NOT checked then it is APPENDED if the DNS entry(ies) are not balnk



We noted this suggestion.