Alter Caller ID format - new firmware (


Good afternoon.

I was reading the release notes for 19.27 and I came across the topic MANIPULATING CALLER ID FOR INBOUND CALLS on page 22 as I was researching a separate issue for a client.

That topic caught my eye because a small handful of clients has complained about the caller ID number format. Presently it displays 7175551212 when these clients would prefer 717-555-1212 or (717) 555-1212.

Does anyone think that this new feature/capability would allow us to change the presentation of the Caller ID number in this way? Seems like the syntax might be a bugger to figure out.



Regardless of whether you can do it or not, your client should understand that the format remains 717555512121212 you can recall the number from the history, if it becomes for example 717-555-1212 or (717) 555-1212 would not be able to use it from the history (unless you change the dial plan.
That said, if you read the manual there are several possibilities to change the input cid.


Thank you. I agree, I wouldn’t want to change the way the CID was stored, just how it is displayed.

When I first got this complaint from a client, I believe that I did RTFM on a possible solution, but maybe that was several firmware updates ago. Did changing the way CID is displayed change in a recent (last 12 - 18 mos) firmware release?