ALMOUT 1 trigger on bell and pin


I am trying to make my GDS3710 open my gate when both the bell rings and when correct pin is entered. My intended function is during normal business hours ringing will automatically open gate and after business hours only the PIN will function. How can I achieve this? Gate which is N/O is attached to ALMOUT1 and is working with bell currently but PIN does not open. Thank you!

Feature Request - Alarm Input

@jk12: Not quite understand you saying " both the bell rings". Are you connecting the ALMOUT1 to the 3rd party or existing analogue door bell?

What firmware version are you using GDS3710? If using latest, then a new feature allow you to configured “Digit Input 1” schedule, you just program the schedule (for example, schedule 1) to be open door when ALMOUT1 pressed in the business hours (no PIN required). While out of business hour, pressing that the door will NOT open, but using PIN or RFID the door will OPEN. This will meet your requirement.
Anyway, within the business hour, using PIN or RFID will also still be able to open the door, always!

In your case, you need to connect your strike or gate to COM2 Port (NOT ALMOUT1 port), and wired to NO2/COM2 or NC2/COM2 based on the strike you used.

Hope this helps. Please help to advise whether this works. Thank you for using GDS3710.