Allow only one national call for a extension


im fairly new to setting up my newly bought UCM6202. I would like to know is there a way to allow only one national number that can be dialed from an extension which is set as internal-only?



create a path with that number and associate it only internally in “Enable Filter on Source Caller ID”.


Thank you @damiano70 this works.

Possibly a slight offtopic question. I’ve configured some external numbers to be dialled via speedial. Is there a way for:

  1. UCM6202 to actually log that external number instead of speed dial number and
  2. GXP1625 to actually display the real number behind the speedial?


you better open another post with this new question, it will be easier for the community to go back up and solve the problems


anyway no, only the speed dial is displayed, you better use the UCM diary (I use LDAP)