All extensions auto restore to old settings whatever change i do to them


Hi, we have many GXP1625 extensions on a UCM6204. For some reason, if i change something in settings to one of the extensions (any of them), after rebooting the extension, 1 minute later extension reboots itself again and loads the previous user settings. Even if i firmware update the extension it does the same thing. It reboots and restores the previous settings including the previous firmware version. If i reset the extension to factory settings and try to set up like a new device it does the same. Reboots and restores the previous settings. Why is it happening?


where do you change the settings of the GXP1625?
Do you use Zero Config?
Do you have the updated GXP1625 fw?
Do you have the UCM FW updated?
Do you have the GXP1625 model on Zero Config updated?
Have you tried formatting a GXP1625 phone and then testing it?


When you change the settings, where are you making the changes - in the phone itself, zero-config, GDMS, GAPS, other?

Look in the phone and check the provisioning server settings? This is where the phone looks to get its configuration info. Is this correct?

Is this a new install? Were the phone purchased new through a authorized reseller, or from Amazon, E-bay or other?