All circuits busy message when call forwarded out using FXO port in Canada- HELP!


UCM6202 V1.5A
Boot, Core, Recovery:
Base, GSWave, Lang, Program:

Extension Status: Unavailable
Presence Status: Available
Under Extension/Features: Call Forward No Answer: Custom Number: xxxxxxxxxx
Analog Trunk: Trunk Mode: normal

Outbound Routes:
Pattern: _X.
Privilege Level: International

I have couple extensions programmed. We would like to have the call routed to an external cell phone number (10 digits) in case the extension is not reachable.
We tried everything we know but no success :frowning:
Anyone can help please?
Thank you


What is the extensions privilege level?

If you are using analog lines do you not need a 1 in front of the number?


Thank you for your reply.
All extensions are at “international” permission as well as the Outbound Route.
Yes, We are using analog line on the FXO 1 input.

Please advice.
Thank you


You are dialing a 10 digit number, should it be 11 digit?


We tried both. Same error message :frowning:


If analog, the dial string would be whatever is needed by the local exchange to process the number. So, you would dial the number no differently than how you would dial the number using an analog phone connected directly to the analog line…could be 11, 10 or 7 digits.

However, given the message, it almost sounds like you are trying to route the call back out the same line that the original call came in. If so, then it stands to reason that if the line is already in use on an inbound call, the system is not able to use the same line for an out-going call, it will need another line for a path out.


The same phone number (10 digits) as we dial using a regular phone device is programmed under Extension/Features: Call Forward No Answer: Custom Number.
I understand that the UCM not able to route the call because the ONLY available line is used on the inbound call (thank you for the explanation).
Now the question is how to route the same incoming call (after going through an IVR) to an external cell phone number in case the extension is not available?
Thank you again.


You need two lines


Thank you