All circuits are busy now upon dialing from history


Hi I am having issues placing calls from my history of callers… my outbound rules are set up as follows

using GXP2100 phones on a UCM system firmware


first update the UCM FW,
second thing try to create only one rule (only for testing) “_x.” and see if you solve


What is displayed when you use history? Does the call make it through in any way shape or form?
Do you need to dial a digit for an outside line? Maybe this is the issue and you need to prepend that digit in the handsets dial plan.


I edited the number and removed the + in front which fixed it. How do I fix this?


Sounds like you need to add the + in the dial plan of the handset - did you use zero config to deploy to the handsets ? if so then I would suggest to add it to the dial plan in the ucm and push it to the handsets.


How do I accomplish this specifically


Add _+x. as outbound route pattern.


Thanks I tried that it gives me a busy signal and says no dial plan rules matched


needs to go in the dial plan of the handset


add the following to the dial plan
{ x+ | \+x+ | *x+ | xxx+ }