Alias for extension number



Is there a way to configure an alphanumeric alias for an extension number?

Say the extension number is 1000.

Using a SIP agent I can dial sip:1000@ - OK

I would like to dial sip:ASTYLOS@ - and this is why i like to have ASTYLOS as an alias for extension number 1000.

Thanks for hinting in the right direction.



Am not sure I understand,
If you are wanting the UCM to use the alias by which to route calls to your extension, then I do not think so. The UCM is a PBX and has no reason to use SIP URI when it is extension based. I think it will allow direct SIP (IP dialing) if allow guest is enabled.
If you are wanting to have it such that other extensions could reach your extension by SIP URI dialing without going thru the UCM, then yes provided the make/model of phones in use support SIP URI dialing. . You need to have it such that the URI is mapped to the IP of the extension, i.e, ASTYLOS=1000 if 1000 is your extension. The phonebook in the phone is often used for this.

You can do a forum search for SIP URI dialing and see what others have come up with.

Can you enlighten me as to why you would want to do this when using a PBX?


Hi Ipneblett,

It is the first you mentioned.

Look, I have such a scenario:

  • Extensions 1000 and 1001 are configured in UCM6202
  • Under “Extension Trunk/Extensions/Basic Settings/User Settings/First Name” for 1000 is “ck” and for 1001 is “gl”
  • Two SIP soft phones are registered to the UCM using extension 1000 and 1001

If the first phone (1000) calls the second phone (1001) by typing in the extension number of the second phone (1001) I see “ck” as the caller on the second phone.

Would be nice now later to call extension number 1000 by typing in “ck” (this is displayed as incoming calling party and will be remembered) instead of consulting a telephone book (which may not exist/accessible) or research the call history for calls from “ck” and look into the SIP URI details in order to see that “ck” maps to extension number 1000.

As I’am new to UCM6202, can I setup a internal dialplan (similar to incoming/outgoing routes) to do such mappings?

Would be a nice feature request - after all as an example FreeSwitch software can do it so I’am sure Asterisk can do it too and UCM Web GUI needs one more edit field called “Alias” :wink:

Thanks for consideration,


I assume that the desired alias may not be the same as the CallerName in some cases. It may be, it may not be; hence why I indicated the alias has to mapped in some manner to know the destination. The alias field as you suggest would handle that.

Additionally, while it would be nice to dial “ck” to reach 1000, I am willing to bet that I can dial 1000 faster than you can enter the menu and then select alpha numeric and then manually input ck and the remainder of the domain/IP (granted the domain/IP may be defaulted to the same as the extension SIP URI that would normally accompany the use of the extension number). At some point the alias names may become many, so that as it is with remembering numbers, one may not remember them all and still need to refer to a directory. Additionally, using a nice easy two character alias is a whole lot different than remembering whole names such as Astylos and the issues that arise if there happens to be more than one Astylos, which may also encourage the need for a directory.

However, after having said all of the above, I would like to see it as well, but for a different reason. I have some clients that for whatever reason may have 5 digit extension numbers. Normally, these were a holdover from a prior PBX and rather than change them and the directories, they elected to keep same even though they have no where near the allowable extensions that 5 digits allow. On other systems, I have been able to take the 5 digit extension and use the alias to make it 3 digits as most are unique in that the last 3 digits of the 5 digit extension are unique. Folks can use either the 3 or 5 digits method.

You can/should submit a feature request for the function.


Yes, it would need some consistency between CallerName and Alias, but hat would be up to the administrator.

I also realize that the advantage of typing in an Alias is more on the soft phone side, but here it would be very useful.

In the past I did it the other way around, defining in FreeSwitch an extension as a alphanumeric value (like “astylos”) and assign a “alias-number” in order to be able to use a numeric phone-pad the easy way.

But most the time I do use my soft phone and type in the name. Since I am already connected to the domain this is all it needs. And at a certain point in time its always the same people I call, even if the company is bigger.

Will make a feature request.


If you are mostly using a Softphone and it´s always the same people you call
then you should definitely have a look at xtelsio cti client.
You can use it standalone as well as in conjunction with a phone.
You can define BLF keys, do a pickup as well as transfer or conference.
The integrated LDAP client also works with UCM.
Just light is faster than BLF - and you can also see if someone is on the call already.