Alarm email: Improve subject and text



Can we have the alarm text either a bit … less alarming, or better yet make it configurable? Currently it reads:

“Alarm! Please handle as soon as possible.” with the subject “GDS3710 alarm email”

And please do include the “OSD Text” field in the subject, which is the descriptive name of the camera.


Agreed, I’d like to have a custom text field with some “keywords”.

For example:

Alarm state detected
IP address: ${IPADDR}
Date and time: ${DATETIME}

When the SIP call is placed I can hear Alarm sound, but would like to hear audio.

EDIT: I think it’d be a good idea to allow user to select the image quality that is being sent via e-mail.


You can hear the mic audio after pressing any DTMF key to silence the alarm playing.


Oh! Thanx for that one!


Any progress on this item? It’s really a bother and confuses users thinking there is some security issue when it’s just someone at a gate.


This improvement will be included in next firmware cycle.

Thank you very much for using Grandstream Access Control Products.