AGENT REST TIME (s) set to 20


We have a IVR set up and choice 1 leads to the CALL QUEUE.

I added an AgentRestTime of 20 sec for notes, but somehow this seems not to be working. The agents complain that they hang up and the second later it will ring again.

Where else do I need to do changes so the girls actually get 20 sec between calls?

Thank you.


Although I dont see “Agent Rest Time” on my 6202 - looking up at the 6301 manual i see that the following is the same.

So if the user is in multiple queues and they receive a call to that queue the “wrap up” timer for the queue that the call finished in is honoured. If the user is also in another queue and a call hits that queue the call would be presented to the previous agent that hung up the call in the other queue.

Page 368

Else try opening a ticket