Agent can't logout on DP720


We using a call queue (dynamic) and buyed a additional DP720.
(call queue number)* is possible.
But (call queue number)** does logon, too. Not off. :confused:
Dial plan was updated as follow: { x+ | *x+ | *xx*x+| xx* | xx** }
But also { xx* | xx** } doesn’t work.

Is this a bug?

(firmware of DP750 & UCM6202 are up to date)


An additional problem is now, how to remove agent manually on UCM6202.
I found no page to remove an agent manually. For example: Call queue > Switchboard > Details on Board > Agents
Is this possible? Is this a missing feature?


*83 Do you get out of all the queues you’ve tried? ?

or n°code+**

n.b.: the codes must first be checked and enabled


It is because xx** is never completed as xx* is sent earlier i think.
Check packet capture from DP750 for confirmation.
If that is true try changing logout to other code like queue1* (or anything that is not * after queue)


Thanks for your suggestion.
But why should this happen, because our GPX2140 works fine and sends codes correctly.
To change the code ist for me a workaround (because GPX2140 have no problems), not a solution.

Why DP eat one *?
INVITE sip:60*@ SIP/2.0


Did you try what I wrote on it?


Your’re right. 1* instead ** is a workaround.
But as I say ‘workaround’, not solution.
I think DP720 has a bug, because on GXP2140 ** also works.


Reorder of dial plan was also not sucessfully: { xx** | xx* | x+ | *x+ }


I use { x+ | *x+ | xxx+ }
and I don’t have a problem


Which sign(s) do you enter in UCM for login and logout?


I wrote it all down on you.


No, you wrote your dial plan.



Well becouse it is dect.
Handset will send all number separate i think.
GXP2140 get it all at once and find correct rule, but DP get X,X,* -> MATCH lets go.
My guess :slight_smile:


Grandstream support tells/send me the solution.
The (correct) dial plan pattern must be x+*+
Thanks to Yahia