After UCM6204 update to all new extension gives wrong password



Hi after updating to, I can no longer log to new extensions, it gives me error of wrong password,

Even GSwave android app won´t work using QR code for local extensions.

The only extension I can configure are the old ones, created before update, and the ones I assign to grand stream phones via zero config, otherwise won’t work

Previous version was


It might be helpful to know what make and model of extensions as well as the difference meant by those configured via zero config and the ones that do not work.


Sure, let me put you an example

I had extension 211 as a remote extension using microsip softphone, working fine

After the update I create Extension 251, I try to set up micro sip softphone and always y get the message of wrong password and unauthorized.

I try to use gswave android app locally in the same lan of UCM and set up manually extension 251, and never get the green dot . I do it with 211 and it works

I use zero config to set up that extension 251 on my GXP2170 and it works

I have set up several extensions without a problem before

I verify every option on UCM and microsip and gswave android, and the options for 211 and 251 are exactly the same.

Therefore, I am writing because I don’t know what to do and I can add any extension.

This change happened after update.

Thanks for your help.


And what is giving you that message. The UCM will not nor will the WAVE, they will simply not register.



Let say mi UCM IP is

I create extension 3333 password 1234@

I can enter into wave web with this password

Into GSwave android app

Create a new account

In name account I put: 3333

Server SIP:

SIP ID authentication :3333

Password: 1234@

And then I never get the green dot of connection, and I am unable to do any call.

before update I follow this step, and the connection will work, and I will get the green dot whit out problem.

If I do a registration on extension 3333 whit QR code on GSwave android app it will work.

If I do Zero config on the extension 3333 to a grandstream phone it will work.


SIP pswd is one, web pswd is the other, I think you’re confusing things.


can you tell me where to specify the SIP password, the only thing I need is a softphone to work


auth id
ip server
enter these 4 fields correctly and solve


Yes, I try that several times

I had set up more than 100 extensions before on softphones.

Just after the update, I get the message of wrong password on any softphones, and on GSwave android app never got the green dot.


I can’t tell you what you’re doing wrong, you definitely forget something, rather open a ticket at gs


Thanks to all that help me, here what I was missing

On the trunk configuration it needs to put something on “AuthID”, I put the same number of the extension but guessing can be whatever. And it works

Before the extension number was the same as AuthID as I see I have extensions created before the update, without AuthID and working with softphones remotely whit the extension number working as AuthID. Also don’t know o remember if is a new field after the update.

But after the update new extension need to have that field filed.


you practically opened 2 posts for the same problem


I have not run up against this issue and can assure you that I have a fairly large number of UCM products in all flavors installed at various times prior to 19.127 and none have had an issue post updating to 19.127.

I tend to think that others (many others) who have updated sine the release was issued would have also reported the same issue prior to you as the update has been out since June (I think).

Odd. but at least it works.