Additional SIP account



I see that there is a secondary SIP server available in the SIP setup however would it be possible to add a second account please? I’m thinking of a scenario in a large network where it would be handy for the door phone if it is used as a duress panel would be able to fail over or register in parallel on a separate phone system at another location with a different username and password.


Completely agree. Given that this is, at its core, a SIP phone, there is no reason why it can’t have multiple SIP accounts.


Yes would be interesting in some cases.


Yes Please, second sip account is a must. thnks


It could be interesting to have more SIP-Accounts (like 10) for the scenario, where you have a main-door with several companies behind. So it could be internal connected to each SIP-PBX a “own” extension.


This is precisely why we’re interested. We have multiple companies in our office (two downstairs, two sharing space upstairs). They all have separate phone systems, even though we run them all. :slight_smile: Still, short of having us do things to link the three phone systems so they can have separate extensions for the door, there is no way to have this work with multiple PBXes.


We are working on this, please keep tuned and will post for you guys testing and feedback once done. Thank you for support Grandstream!



#9 will be out soon with up to 4 SIP accounts supported (similar to GXP IP Phone). Please help to test and provide feedback so we can improve. Thank you very much for your testing and feedback.