Adding new extensions


Good morning,

We bought the UCM6202 IP PBX. We have configured it but when adding new extensions (links) it seems we are limited to 1 extension.

Is it necessary to change something in the configuration? Should we have licenses?

Thank you in advance for your answer.


UCM does not require licenses, publishes the error screen to better understand


It’s just writing “Unavailable”. If I put the second extension with the Call ID number of the first one (1000) it works.


Please describe how you are adding extensions. They need to be added in the PBX first and which type is dependent on if SIP or Analog. Once added, you then assign the end point to the extensions created in the PBX.


I guess he try add extension out of range.First define range you want use:


Like what Marcin posted, either define the range or disable extension range to pick anything you want.