Adding Music on Hold to GXP2170 system


Who can help me upload a .wav file to our phone system. I have tried numerous times and it doesn’t work.
Thank you!


Are you using a UCM a your PBX?

The phones themselves have next to nothing to do with the MoH.


Assuming you’re uploading to a UCM, have you ensured the file is 8000 kHz, 16 bit, mono?


And less than 5M.


I have tried and have a tech trying as well.

It’s a .wav file that is 3 mb in size.

We are using UCM6510 it was all set up by the tech that sold it to us. I am very disappointed!



I have no idea, a company that does our on holds sends to me via a .wav file. Would that be a possible problem if it isn’t 8000 kHz, 16 bit mono?


Yes it would be. Open the file in VLC and check Audio Codec informations.


Send me the file, I’ll check it for you.


t won’t let me upload a .wav file. Sorry.



Audacity(free) allow you convert if needed (and check)


Thank you emailed to you