Adding Inbound Route


When setting inbound route there is only pattern and CallerID options. There is no way to tell where to route call. Or am I missing something? I’m really confused how call flow should look like. What is inbound and what is outbound. Gateway should have more flexibility processing calls and manipulating DID/DOD.


apart from not being able to change the incoming caller id, I think there are all the options to be able to divert incoming calls to each destination,
what would miss?


First, I miss option to chose what trunk is call coming from, and to set where it should be routed. We use X vendor now, and we have option to set multiple inbound and outbound routes, and then pair outbound with inbound. For example:
when DID 123XXX comes from trunk VoIP1, send it to E1-1, and DID 123XXX coming from VoIP2, send it to E1-2.


forgive me, I thought I was reading a post about the UCM,
however yesterday I read another post where they asked the same question you did


Would you like this topic deleted?


No, at least not my posts. I still think adding inbound route needs some improvement.


Okay. We’ll leave it. Thanks.