Add the headphone / earphone jack location in the quick start guide



It would be great to add the headphone / earphone jack location in the quick stat guide so people knows that it exist.

I had to “fight” with the rubber plug to get it out and while doing it I tough that was not there to take out.

but nice touch with the rubber plug nothing will get in there


Thanks you klamern for pointing out this, I’ve forwarded this to related team.


Good point, I didn’t even realize there was a headset jack on the phone until I saw some of the dust cover complaints.

The flush fitting rubber plug I thought was nothing more than a screw hole cover. Normally there would be a small lip to fit a fingernail under and an icon in the rubber of a pair of earphones or a microphone if you look at other “wireless” phones be it cellular, dect, etc.


I first tried to connect my older cheap headsets to the earphone jack but realized their plug was smaller than what the phone expected. So I tried one of my iPhone earphones with bigger plug and was very happh to see (once I pushed it in really deep) that not only could I hear very well but the Mic on the earphones cord also picked up and transmitted my voice well. Kudos.


Thanks guys, i checked the quick install guide find out we haven’t updated it yet, will update the draws soon.