Add Contacts on Handsets but missing on the others


Hi guys, i have a question for you.
I had 2 DP750 with 10 DP720 connected.
I want that when an Handset add a new contact, also all the other handsets can see in the phonebook.
It’s possible?


Yes, set same phonebook for all handset.


Yeah this is a perfect solution for all the cordless connected to the same base.

But if the HS1 connected to the DP750 number 1 add a contact, you will see only in the HS2,HS3,HS4,HS5 connected to the same DP750.

What about the other HS connected to the second DP750 ?


Global phonebook, but you will not be able to set it from phone.


I only know the 2 options

Shared Phone book per base station with changes made via phone

LDAP per server but changes added on server