Action URL and Dynamic Variables usage


I am trying to generate call statistics for my company. We have GXP2170(Software Version in use right now. I have set up Action URLs to send some of the dynamic variables to our server

We are getting the data, but when an outside call is transferred within the company the outside caller’s number is lost after the first transfer. For example: If CustomerX calls our employee John and John transfers the call to jane the $remote variable shows extension of John instead of CustomerX, when “Attended Transfer” or “Terminated” Event Action hits the url to our server.

Also, for future reference, is there any complete list of Action URL’s dynamic variables for GXP phones atleast I found following resources but both seem to be incomplete.

Administration Guide as well as ActionURL Guide

The Administration Guide doesn’t mention $call-id variable but its supported according to ActionURL_Guide(which doesn’t seem to be made for GXP21XX). I can verify that $call-id is indeed supported. So, I can only speculate that both the lists are missing probably other dynamic variables.

I also tried with CTI, but CTI seems mainly to function as a PULL(server requesting data from the phone) rather than PUSH(phone sending data to server), which inserts a delay as I have to poll every few minutes rather than instantaneous. Also, the JSON from CTI seem to have the same issue.

My question is, Is there any variable that stores the transfer number? Something like $transfer? I see that functionality is already available in OutBound Notification section, but unfortunately only destinations supported are XMPP and SMTP which won’t work for me.


@grandstream any help on this would be really appreciated