Accessories - Rubber Case to protect the hand set and make it rugged



Rubber case to protect device from drops and make it more resistant to an office environment that users move a lot


We can have some discussion here but the final decision depends on marketing/sales guy :slight_smile:


I think an optional separate-sold rubber case is a plus, we received this suggestion on DP720’s 1$ beta club, they also proposed rubber case in different color so multiple same handsets can be easily identified as well.


Great idea. Well marketing guy will give it for free to beta club :wink:


+1 for me


+1 for me also


+1 here, the more rugged the better. We deploy lots of wireless phones in assisted living facilities where they get shared between multiple nurses and by residents. Very easy for them to drop and break, so a durable case would be excellent.


alternate thought… instead of a Case, how about a… 731? Ruggedized model of the Phone? I have doubts about the IP65/67 water resistance and protection of a case.


Great idea i have had it slip out of my hand a couple of times as i walk around with the phone.