Access by http


I have several access points, which are controlled by the cloud, if I want to access the access points via http, it asks me for a username and password, and although I enter the one that indicates the label, it gives an error, if the ap is provisioned, I cannot access it?


You answered your own question - look in cloud for the username / password for the equipment.


That’s the problem, I can’t find any field in the cloud where I can see the username and password that are assigned to the aps


One step back, why do you want to access the accesspoint?



Because to diagnose certain incidents, the api is slower on the platform and it takes time until the results appear in the cloud, so I think that if we access the ap directly we can see results in real time


I have read the manual of the platform, and I have been using it for several months, but I still do not see how we can access the ap from http once it is attached to the cloud


I would suggest using the Grandstream ticket system as I posted to be able to raise the problem to Grandstream themselves as we are mainly only users on the forum.


OK thank you very much