AC adapter and wifi


The device has wifi, but is powered only by PoE…

  1. why the device has wifi but I can power it only with poe? this is in conflict… if i connect the poe… I have data!
  2. I tried to connect to the device with mac addres (https://gsc_macaddreswithoutdots.local) but nothing… I had to scan my network and find the ip…
  3. it is a little too big for me…
  4. I can’t find the user manual… (I searched in support as it is written in the paper, but…)

  1. I have to agree that an AC port (USB at least) would have been great since it has Wi-Fi. If I have to use PoE, I just won’t use the Wi-Fi feature. Same for the GSC3505 (the speaker-only variant).
  2. The GSC doesn’t come with a predefined name (well, mine didn’t too), so yes you need to find the IP.
  3. I was also surprised by the size of it, but remember that Android is powering this device and it has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Those antennas take place.
  4. Like I said on your other thread about this, we didn’t get one. When the device is finally out, probably they will have made one.


I agree, seems a little strange to include wifi, but only have a PoE power source.

It is possible to power it using a PoE injector and then connect to wifi, but at that point might as well just give it a full connection using the Ethernet port.


I used a PoE injector to test the WiFi but agree pointless to have WiFi and PoE when I will use the PoE over the port.