AC adapter and wifi


The device has wifi, but is powered only by PoE…

  1. why the device has wifi but I can power it only with poe? this is in conflict… if i connect the poe… I have data!
  2. I tried to connect to the device with mac addres (https://gsc_macaddreswithoutdots.local) but nothing… I had to scan my network and find the ip…
  3. it is a little too big for me…
  4. I can’t find the user manual… (I searched in support as it is written in the paper, but…)

  1. I have to agree that an AC port (USB at least) would have been great since it has Wi-Fi. If I have to use PoE, I just won’t use the Wi-Fi feature. Same for the GSC3505 (the speaker-only variant).
  2. The GSC doesn’t come with a predefined name (well, mine didn’t too), so yes you need to find the IP.
  3. I was also surprised by the size of it, but remember that Android is powering this device and it has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Those antennas take place.
  4. Like I said on your other thread about this, we didn’t get one. When the device is finally out, probably they will have made one.


I agree, seems a little strange to include wifi, but only have a PoE power source.

It is possible to power it using a PoE injector and then connect to wifi, but at that point might as well just give it a full connection using the Ethernet port.


I used a PoE injector to test the WiFi but agree pointless to have WiFi and PoE when I will use the PoE over the port.


Agree, there should be DC input port. May be it will great if GSC3510 could work also as a WiFi access point.



Yes, our GSC3510 will not have an AC Adapter to power up the device. This device will only relying on POE to get the source of power.

If we have some problem on the LAN Port of the POE switch, we have another options to have a network using Wi-Fi.



On a ceiling or wall installation, as where we would be using this device, an AC adapter probably would not be used much (maybe on a desk type install)

If you do need to power a unit on WIFI, it seems that a CAT 5/5e/6 cable with a POE injector (at about 10-19 dollars) would be much simpler than purchasing an AC adapter. And, the ethernet cable can be made to length.


yes it would be a good solution, I agree…


This is a great suggestion for peoples that have trouble installing GSC3510. Thank you so much! :smile: