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Click to dial a telephone number via the browser when GS Affinity is loaded and ready, just seems to load another instance of GS Affinity and request login details again.

Is there a setting to resolve that or an update to GS Affinity to rectify it?


Hello there,

Grandstream ucm6208 with firmware. I’ve enabled Affinity Support on the GXP2140 phones, using SIP 1 account and have rebooted them all.
I’ve installed the GSAffinity Software on my laptop for testing and have followed your guide (http://www.grandstream.com/sites/default/files/Resources/GS_Affinity_Guide.pdf) and the phone that I am trying to interact with isn’t providing its code back nor any of the other phones.

GXP2140 phones are on the latest firmware

The error I get on the software is:

Cannot connect to the specified device. Please check your connection and try again.

That is when I try to connect to the phone but when I try and discover the phones in advance mode and I am using the IP address of the phone, nothing comes back.

Current software version of this GSAffinity is

Current setup of the UCM is in Switch Mode and I just have the LAN port plugged in.

Wanting to roll this out to a new client as they have asked for such a feature.