About GWX4108


Hi i’m new
If I telnet on a GWX4108, I have
[ul][li]d addr len - Dump the memory[/li][li]t ch flag - Training mode[/li][li]A flag - Audio Captrure mode[/li][/ul]

What’s this training mode and how can be used?

Thank you


That feature was implemented in 2007. It used to help the device to learn the PSTN line characteristics, something like the voltage, current, impulse, cadence, etc. to help to configure the FXO related settings. I think it’s similar with the PSTN Detection feature on our UCM, but more like an engineering tool, and I cannot find a document for how to use it. You can turn it on in the telnet and see what’s the output, it won’t hurt the device for sure. and you can then turn it off. I’m not sure how well it works on GXW4108, as that was a really long time ago we haven’t advertised it to public users.

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