Able busy tone on remote disconn


Hello everybody.
Can I config it?
If any agent accepted incoming a call then play a MoH (music on hold) Just before a talking.
Goal: a Play Moh before a talking.
Are there possible configuration in UCM? :slight_smile:


Your post is confusing as the title suggests the topic is able busy tone detection and disconnect, but the main body of the post is about MOH.

It seems that perhaps one question is:
“If any agent accepted incoming a call then play a MoH (music on hold) Just before a talking.”

Presumably, if the agent accepted the call, then the call is answered and the only way for music to be provided to the caller before talking is if the agent is able to sing (hopefully well) to the caller.

You mentioned agent, which implies the call is in a queue. I assume this was the scenario. Of course. call queues can provide MOH, a message and a prompt cycle while the caller is in the queue waiting on an agent to become available. You can find more detail about queues and even ring groups in the UCM manual.

I was not sure about the last part of your post due to what I am certain is the attempt to translate the question into English. If you can restate it, or, post the question in your native language maybe Google translate will make it more understandable. I do applaud the attempt. It is better than any translation I could do on my own.


maybe you mean the one of the underlying sceen, you can choose music or classic ringing tone (in both cases keep in mind that the forced response happens)