Ability to clone Device Configs


It would be advantageous to be able to clone Device Configurations instead of having to re-enter them when one is can be used as the base for another.


I guess the way round that is produce a model templates and then use it to configure multiple handsets.


Similar to my request to copy model templates.

I also requested a feature to clear settings by section.


in my opinion if you copy the text from the created model and paste it into the new device he accepts it (it works for me)


Yeah but it’s no harder to just have a Duplicate button.


the button has a cost :stuck_out_tongue:


And so does my/our time! They code it once, we all use it many times. Saving us time, which equals money, is what this is all about.


certainly, I was just ironic :slight_smile:


and in any case the key exists :slight_smile:



Dear users,

Thank you for using GDMS platform!

For Model template, we cannot only add a duplicate button, the reason is users at least need to select a site for the template (same model template cannot be configured in the same site, it may cause conflict when the new device goes to get the template). This duplicate button can be added under “By Group” menu, but if we want to add it under “By Model” menu, we need to add a prompt to ask the user to select a site for the new template. We suggest users to copy the text from the created template and paste it into the new created template.

Thank you!


which is what I do… :slight_smile:


Thank you for your feedback!

It is recommended to use it in this way.

Thank you!


Thank you @GSSupport74. What you are suggesting is indeed a work-around. IMHO it solves the symptom of the problem, but not the problem itself. While I am not suggesting the copy function be moved to the top of the list, I would certainly it should be on the list. Having duplicate or clone buttons for configs is a much more practical (IMHO), simpler and time saving way to do it.

@damiano70, what I want to see Grandstream provide in its systems are clean solutions, not work-arounds. While work-arounds will get the job done, they are never obvious or straightforward for the uninitiated and often lead to less experienced (and even experienced) users getting into trouble. This is not the best example perhaps, but it is an example nonetheless.


and this is the right place for you to make your demands :wink:


Why? We should be able to apply multiple model templates per device and simply merge them.

This is needed because we can have a master site with a model config with almost all settings, then under each subsite, you could set different settings (ex. language and timezone). I understand the By Group but still, selecting each device everytime is not an option.

We could have:

  • Master Site -> Model Config GRP2614 Global
    • French site -> Model Config for lang and time/date
    • English site -> Another Model config


In case we want to do a different base template for difference organizations or users.

I am not familiar enough with GDMS to fully understand all the features, but in my past travels I have often wanted such a function (e.g. on the UCM).


Yeah but what I mean is I thought the GDMS configs were more similar to the UCM’s ZeroConfig.

On ZC, you can apply multiple model templates to the same device/site to merge these config.

This way you can have a master one with wallpaper, network and other settings. Them have sub-templates to specify, for example, the language or timezone.


I agree with you @fmarcoux96. But I can see the need for a separate Master and sub-master for different clients.

I tend to base most of my stuff on common elements, but find often that I need to have each client’s elements unique. So being to clone one client’s setup and modify it for another is what I’m thinking about.


Dear users,

Thank you for using GDMS platform!

I will save your suggestion about “Create Duplicate Template” and share with our GDMS developers for evaluation. We will consult a solution for this request.

Thank you!