7610 master


We have taken on a new client that has an GWN7000 and 3 GWN7610 APs. There are two SSID’s broadcasting. One private and one guest. The router has the private SSID but not guest so the APs do not appear to be managed by the router. They’re not listed in the router access points page. All 3 APs are in slave mode. I used the device discovery tool and found the 3 APs listed as slave, and the router listed as master. There is no on prem controller installed. The only other option I can think of is the previous IT setup in the cloud controller. Is there any way to determine what is controlling the APs? I do have the local admin password for all 3 APs. I’d rather not reset them to defaults if I do not have to and the previous IT is not longer around.


I normally create an A.P. as a Master and all the other A.P. Slave