710 will not register



I have the 715 base and 5 handsets.

They all worked at first, but then one stopped.

Using the web page I clicked on unregister.

I then went through the same process to re register the handset. I clicked on the enable subscription mode button when it said restart base, But it never registers.

I have power cycled the handset and the base.

One time it said it registered and I could click the button to page it from the web software, but it doesnt connect. I then unregistered and am stuck.

Any ideas? Is there like a master reset for the handset?


I have a DP715 and am going through THE SAME EXACT THING! Support is useless when I call. I think something is going on with a firmware or something update. Interesting how we are having the same problem… spoke with support twice today. Completely useless they are. I think they are just not admitting to something going on with their product.