6510 with HA100 failover




I recently tested the fail over on a 6510 by pressing reboot in the web interface. My expectation was that, while the main unit was rebooting, the secondary unit would take over. I confirmed with GS support this was indeed the expected behavior.

I have only one customer with 2 - 6510’s and the HA100 so I took GS support at their word as I had no other customer to test with.

However, the fail over did not work.

I was advised by GS support this as a firmware issue and I needed to upgrade. I upgraded. I was told I needed the beta firmware. It didn’t work. With the recent security issues, I upgraded to that firmware, and again it didn’t work. I was told to go onsite and factory reset the HA-100 by pressing the paperclip button on the back. That didn’t work.

Customer is open Monday at 6 am to end of day Saturday at midnight. So, it’s hard to find a time to meet someone on site. I was finally able to meet someone on site (Sunday). I was able to confirm that, if reboot is selected from the web portal, both devices will reboot simultaneously. I was also able to confirm that if you select reboot from the LCD interface, both devices will reboot.

If I unplug the LAN cable from the Master, the Master will reboot automatically and the Slave will take over as expected.

There needs to be an option to reboot the master. In fact, I’d like to see a drop down that includes…

  1. Reboot All (Including the HA 100)
  2. Reboot Master
  3. Reboot Slave

Also, the recording should, imho, be synchronized between devices.


ditto, i have a couple ha100’s, they are a pain, going to look at one, and most likely try a beta firmware due to an odd issue where the slave stops responding and the master just says waiting for slave…


it might be better to just have the slave in a box waiting to replace the master at this point…