6510 Inbound call routing from out of town


We have a 6510 with Latest firmware and are having calls from a different area code forwarded to our Main office until we are able to get the provider to port over the out of town numbers to our main circuit. My question is this: is there a way I can set up an inbound route so that calls to this out of town number forward to a particular extension and in town calls to another?


I believe the only way to do that is to have the calls forward to a different temporary DID on your 6510; one for each out of town number you want to specifically route.


I also dont know if it makes a difference, but we have a pri coming in


Ah really? Damn. Was hoping thereā€™d be an easier way.


Possibly. Assume for the moment, that all calls (both local & distant) come into a single DID on the 6510. Assume your DID is 555-999-1212 and your provider delivers it to you as 5559991212. Put 5559991212 into the pattern field of the inbound route.

Now then, use the Caller ID Pattern field to refine or filter the distant calls such that they go to your desired destination. So, if the area code of the distant is 888, then the pattern might be 888XXXXXXX and this would be in the Caller ID pattern field. Any call whose first three CID digits are 888 with a total length of 10,should follow the rule. You can add additional CID entries if needed and you can modify the plan string to better meet any need.

Then create a new inbound rule using the same DID 5559991212 and leave the Caller ID Pattern blank. This will capture all the other calls whose criteria were not met by the rule created earlier and these calls should follow this route.


why not set up a sip trunk on the ucm6510 and have the provider of the number you wish to port to fwd the call to the sip trunk number until such time you can port.