6302- Paging/Intercom


Hello everyone.

We just installed the UCM6302 and we enjoy a lot all the features. One feature, which we used in the old pbx system is PAGING/INTERCOM.

If Employee A calls this extension than a few specific phones will pick up automatically the call, and the employee can be page a person via speaker. “Doctor Strange, please visit the multiverse earth 331!”

I created a Paging/Intercom group (666) in the 6302 and activated in all phones Auto-Answer and 666 as pickup extension underneath where it says to add the extension.

Unfortunately, the call to 666, which was sent to the auto-answer phones was not answered automatically at all.


I think you are looking for Multicast paging. Auto answer is a 2 way conversation and I suspect the first phone to respond will get the call.


Is the receiving phones provisioned with “Auto Answer by Call-Info” set to yes? Its required on the phone side to have it automatically turn on the speakerphone to answer incoming calls after receiving SIP Call-Info header information for this feature. You can activate it in ZC or through the phone’s web interface.


Thanks Avid and Marty for replying.
I will try the different options, Avidcomm. You are right.
Marty, yes. I set Auto-Answer by call-info to yes and added the 666 page group extension.

I wonder if 666 is actually the right extension due to the fact that 666 forwards the calls to the white-listed extensions. Maybe I need to add the extension 115, 117, 119 aso in question.

But wouldn’t then all calls from the caller 115, 117 aso always be auto-answered?


I’ve set it up here in my 6302 - both as 1-way paging and 2-way paging. (I only have 3 phones logged in currently so my test is somewhat limited)
Both work, from one phone dialing 6300 (i didnt use 666 as that is already assigned to something else) but the 2 phones auto-answer, with the 2-way paging the mic is on for both phones and I can hear responses from both.

What happens on yours when you dial 666? Do the phones ring or nothing happens at all?


The phones were ringing when I dialed 666 and no auto-answer pickup at all. If I pickup manually then it works.

I am not in the office today, but my gut feeling is that I might not have to use 666 aka paging extension, but the actual ext who is calling… but than on the other hand, will not all calls from that ext be picked up immediately?

Lol. At a loss here, but I will try check tomorrow if I used 1-w paging.


Well 1-way paging wont change the auto-answer aspect. I would try and log into one of the phones that are supposed to auto answer and see if that feature is enabled at the station. (also checking the obvious - check firmware levels on the phones, and UCM as well) I mean its not a new feature so…


666 is merely the system extension that when dialed will cause the UCM to send an Invite (1-way paging) to each of the extensions listed as members. The white-list is for those extensions that are allowed to initiate a page for this group.

You did not mention which make and model of phones. When the INVITE is sent, it is sent with the following attributes in the messaging -

The alert-info and call-info are of Interest. While the call-info is used to cause the phone to AA in the paging case, the alert-info can be used as well. You merely need to add the “Intercom” into the phone alert-header field. When the phone sees this, it will AA as well -