6202 transfer CID to ext



sorry for my bad english at first.

I have 6202 UCM6202 V1.3A firmware core

Externall call to ext 102 - phone (102) show external CID correctly
transfer call from 102 to 110 - phone (110) show CID from 102 phone, not external CID that show on 102 phone.

That i need setup for external CID correctly show after transfer call on phone then call is transfered ?


Sip Settings -> TOS
Send Remote Party ID MARK


Send Remote Party ID - don’t work


It should change after few moments.
Try blind transfer


blind transfer work, but i need to work attended transfer.


Attended between extension (ext call to ext, then transfer ext) work ?



I call from ext 121 to 110, pick up phone and transfer call to 125

On 125 phone show cid from ext 121


Phonebook in phone have ext added ?
If yes please try removing B ext (transferrer) and check external.


125 ext phone show CID from CallerID name 121 phone setup in PBX


my 6202 is also not show the correct CID when transfer to my external phone please help


What CID settings are checked on the trunk?


Please see my setup


please see my setup


Sorry please see my Trunk setup


My setup


change according but still get the same result


Phonbook is in those phones with extension numbers or not ?


Phonebook on ext present, but original cid is not on it.


I’m not sure if this is bug, but try remove extension you forward from this receiver forward. Then check if caller will change.
I suspect bug in phone but not sure.
CID -> 1 ext -> att forward -> 2 ext
If 2 ext have 1ext in phonebook then cid will not change
iF 2 ext do not have -> cid will change.

Can you confirm ?


try to transfer between ext.

ext1 call to ext2
ext2 att transfer to ext3

ext3 show cid from ext1
ext3 have ext1 and ext2 in phonebook
ext1 and ext2 have cid on 6202

Marcin, try u set at some time (1-2 hour)