6108 Crashes every 4-8h



I have issues with a 6108 that crashes frequently with this error:
(1 voip trunk +4 FXO lines)

asterisk Process crashed! The system has been restored automatically. The coredump creation time is: 2021-04-14 12:18:16 System crashed and has been automatically restored. Crash type is:

I disabled all extra services, but it doesn’t solve the issue and it’s becoming much more frequent.
How can I view the generated log file and how can I debug this error?
Has anyone had this issue before?

Thank you,

  • Update the FW
  • Make a nice format factory
  • UCM6108 is EOL

You have no other choices.



just bought and installed a 6304… works just fine
But I do want to reconfigure/debug the old one