4 telephone port modem?


I have an old comcast cable modem with 4 telephone ports and would like to upgrade modem and keep all four analog phone line
What would your recomendation be for the modem and voice upgrade be. no longer is 4 port modem available.
would like to purchase my own modem or modems
would a grandstream ht 814 work with xfinity


Is the way its being delivered going to change?
Is it currently being delivered over copper or fiber?


I’m just curious why you want to use an old modem with built-in ports that you’ll have little control over versus using a newer modem with (probably faster speeds and) an HT device you have full control over?


You have a couple of choices and it depends projected growth of the customer and your thoughts going forward…

A good replacement with growth in mind would be a HT814 which offers 4 x analogue extension ports - line hunt, single registration of SIP service, Caller ID, Wan to Lan connection pass through at Gigabit rates and is at keen price point.

Now Xfinity use Comcast as a way of providing their own delivery of TV, Phone via Softphone APP and Cordless technology if you use their equipment which begs the question, are you looking for a replacement to Xfinity’s phone service?

If you want to replace Xfinity’s routers then look at Comcasts hardware approved modems - https://business.comcast.com/help-and-support/internet/comcast-business-cable-modem-device-compatibility

Comcast SIP trunks can be acquired direct:

The Grandstream GWN7000 would work well if you purchase a low end coaxial to ethernet modem and plug the GWN7000 behind it for routing protection.

The Grandstream devices - Dect cordless telephones are very good which can operate using SIP from Comcast:

Same can be said for the Grandstream WiFi units although new on the market are also desirable and works with the Grandstream WiFi devices:

Grandstream WiFi units are robust, and work as needed:

All the above from the Grandstream selection is SIP friendly, works well, and provides a stable environment and platform.

So you have come to the right place for ideas and recommendations.



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