3CX support?


Hey Grandstream,

I’d like to know if this phone+base will be supported for 3CX? I know a few gateways, FXS adapters and GXP phones are supported but that’s all.

Even my GXV3370 isn’t.


3CX develops the templates for their system just as they control which GS phone firmware version they will support.

GS does provide some templates for use on 3CX, but these are not officially supported by 3CX.


I don’t really care for the official support.

I just want it to work. Right now my BLFs aren’t even working.


I don’t think the 730/752 supports BLF in any way shape or form?


I do not have the DP, so am not much help there and as I don’t think the product has reached GA yet, 3CX surely won’t have a template yet. I also just looked at the GS template pack for 3CX and it does not contain the model either.


Sorry I was talking about my GXV3370, where my BLF aren’t even working. I only have 3CX templates v1.4 so I get only the GXV32XX series.

After few trial and errors (lots) I managed to get it working using the base of the GXV3275 but some features aren’t working.

I don’t expect them to already have templates for the new DP752, but I was asking if they WILL make some.

Also, in this pack, do you have the GXV3370 template? I don’t in my v1.4.


just checked 2,2 templates and no for 3379 an the DP.


You have a more recent version than I do, and Grandstream told me v1.4 was the latest.

Could you zip those for me?





we will get 3CX certified as soon as we can after released an official firmware.


I hope it gets certified! The DP750 never was. The GXV3370 would be nice also!

Do you know when a firmware update will be released?

We are all still running the original firmware and BETA ends in less than 20 days.


Any news on this?


We’ve submitted the test report, fw and devices to 3CX, waiting for the approval. We are certifying both DP750 and DP752 this time


That’s awesome! Are they gonna be supported as DECT or regular phones? With DECT we can choose multiple accounts for 1 phone, like FXS ATA.

Also, any reason why GXV-series phones are not supported? 3CX does support H264 for video calls but I don’t see the GXV3370 anywhere, even in unofficial templates (last v2.2).


we are going to certified as DECT phone, but 3CX suggest us to change the official template to only support 5 accounts.
If you need more accounts, you can manually edit your local template and config every p values, that’s not a problem.

As for GXV3370, I’m not sure about the progress, but they will also get certified sooner or later.


That’s not so much a problem as we can assign an account per handset, and it supports max 5 per base. By the way, please suggest them it would be nice to set the names of the handsets via provisioning…

This phone is already a year old, so it would be nice to have at least an unofficial template for it.


Any news on these? V16 is now out.

Also, the unofficial templates really need an update… there’s a few phones missing.


Did we miss the release window for v16? Did we hear anything back from 3CX about approval?


Is GS the one providing the templates to 3CX? If so, would you be kind enough to send me a copy of the DECT template for internal testing? I’d like to know if it works. I already know how to add a .fxs.xml to my instance.