3cx push notification not working for call from UCM trunk


I was make a trunk between 3cx ip PBX and UCM6204 and set Outbound Routes
when one extension in UCM call extension in 3cx and 3cx soft phone is open on iOS call will deliver
but when app is closed call wont deliver and push service dont work


3cx issue as 3cx at this point is the call handler to the iOS device. The UCM handed the call to the 3CX system and 3CX delivered to the iOS.


however there are several ways to make a connection between 3cx and UCM, you can also try in peer (remember that I tried different solutions), maybe one of these works better


I think that’s already working, his issue is the Push for mobile apps on 3CX. Which the UCM has nothing to do with.


friends push is ok and delivered calls between 3cx extensions but my problem is UCM to 3cx extension
(I tried this connection with peer between two PBXs)


If you think it’s a problem with UCM, open a ticket.


when I register extension with bria and zoiper in UCM push doesnt work
Im in love with 3cx app for push service :smile:
but this problem is in trunking


what do you think?


As stated - 3CX manages the push. Refer to their guide and forum. I also use 3CX.