3CX Integration



Are there plans to integrate this with 3CX as with some of your other gateways?


3CX and Grandstream have a weird relationship… Most new devices are still not supported. Even then, they don’t have updated templates for phone that are not supported.


strange relationship? it turns out to me that lately GS has adapted the devices to 3cx requests


Gs have all templates as far i know, sometime 3CX do not show them. But any distributor/reseller should have access to templates.


3CX ‘support’ the 16xx, 17xx and 21xx handsets and some of the gateways/ATAs meaning that 3CX templates are available and 3CX will provide support for those handsets. GS provide 3CX templates for most of the other devices which as @Marcin says are available from your reseller/distributor.
There’s nothing stopping you writing your own templates though…we’ve recently one for the WP820 that works well


3CX supports only a few models of the 21xx series and HT8xx series. And if they requested it, then request more.

I would LOVE to have the GXV3370, DP750/752, and the WP820 officially supported! Even the GDS.

And yes, GS can provide template but I already have them and they works badly. The DP one only supports 1 account on 1 handset so the DECT concept is useless, the GXV3370 isn’t available and neither is the WP.

I don’t want my own template, I want the phones to be supported by 3CX like they support Yealink ones.


Wrong…3CX support the 21xx, 16xx and 17xx handsets and have done so for some time https://www.3cx.com/sip-phones/ along with the HT ATAs and the 42xx and 41xx gateways.

I haven’t come across any issues with GS templates and I’ve been using them for several years.
The GDS template works well in our experience and modifying the DP750 template manually so it supports more than 1 handset and 1 account takes a few minutes.
I too would like 3CX to support more GS models but until it happens we have to managerather than moan about it.


Try using the GXV3275 template for the GXV3370, you will understand. Lots of bug and no one, neither 3CX or GS, can tell me if they WILL support it.

You see, this is exactly why I want supported templates. I don’t want to modify the templates because I want the phone to be OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED like they support 30 models of Yealink.

By the way, I tried using a DP750 template for DP752, it worked, but still only 1 account and I want to use the full features of 3CX (FXS/DECT templates supporting multiple extensions).

What I don’t get is that a LOT of people a requesting official support for more devices.Why are they not even close to support a new one?


If you don’t want to make your own templates then don’t use the handsets but please don’t moan about it on here…that will achieve nothing. If yealink are supported and you don’t like my solution tfor GS handsets hen go and use yealink instead


And if I simply like GS phones and just want them to work more with 3CX? I am wrong?

I am not moaning. I could buy Yealink, but they are so much more expansive.


As I said I’ve given you a solution…modify the templates yourself. I like both GS and 3CX and we’ve had to produce templates from scratch and modify others over the years. Its straightforward and works


Do you have a working template for the GXV3370? Or your DP750 multi-extension template?

Then I could look and see if it’s worth the work for a few clients using these models.

Most of my clients are using GXP21xx.




Good new that they will integrate it.

As people have said earlier the 16xx 17xx and 21xx have templates and through the helpdesk from grandstream you can download templates for most of the other devices which do seem to work.

with a new dect phone coming hopefully that one will also be added as a supported model


Yeah, hope it will be supported as DECT and not like the current unsupported DP750 with uses only 1 extension per base on 3CX.


It seems that this is in the wrong topic. This is not a PBX and should not have endpoints registered to it. Thus, this is the wrong topic.