3710 can take incoming call, no outgoing


I have a 3710 on the latest firmware (, I set it up with a VoIP.ms DID. It is behind a Pfsense router. I have other Grandstream phones behind the same router on VoIP.ms that work perfectly.

The 3710 refuses to make outgoing calls. Doorbell just rings 3 times and gives up. If I put a number in the GUI it does the same, so does dialing the keypad.

However I can call the 3710 from a whitelisted PSTN cell and it goes through, 2 way audio. Both VoIP.ms and the 3710 status show “registered”. It all works in direct IP mode, if I put the ip address of my android phone in as the doorbell number, it pops up on my phone with 2-way audio/video. I tried a factory reset - same result.

What now? I need it to call an outside number…


@vinistois: serveral questions:

  1. If worked in direct IP call mode, that means the SIP Proxy (VoIP.ms) might cause the issue by having some dialing limiatation.
  2. I assume other Grandstream phones have different SIP ID or Number comparing to GDS3710. If you move the SIP account from Grandstream phone to GDS3710, will the GDS3710 still NOT able to make outbound calls? Assuming the Grandsteam IP phones can make outbound call no problem.
  3. Why you want GDS3710 to make outbound calls? If it is for open door, there are other better ways to handle this comparing giving outbound calls to an OUTDOOR device (anybody can come to the GDS3710 to make phone calls is an interesting idea. Normal solution are only allowing call INTERNAL extensions or perticular preprogrammed numbers where those extensions/numbers can open door, or call forward to a perticular PSTN or Cell number to Open door. Why you want to give this device the right to ANY number?)
  4. I have tested my lab GDS3710 with UCM and I can NOT duplicate your issue. My GDS3710 can make outbound call to my cell and I can open door by input DTMF PIN from my cell phone. (But I only do this in testing. Formal installation the GDS3710 will ONLY able to call internal extensions or only able to call perticular numbers pre-programmed inside the DoorBell Button).

Please double check with “VoIP.ms” settings you input to GDS3710, I guess that is the root cause.

Thank you for using GDS3710!


I have a gxv3275 here next to the 3710. I can put the same VoIP.ms account on it, register it, and make outbound calls to any number. Switch the account back to the 3710 with the same settings, nothing.

I need to do this because the access is to a shared gate controlled by people with old cell phone and landlines. They cannot use Android or IOS apps. So the doorbell needs to phone them in parallel, one of them will answer and open the gate.

It doesn’t seem to matter if the number is dialed directly by the doorbell, or if I use the other mode where a user code is entered to look up the number from the card list, or enter the number in the green “dial” box in the GUI. The call just won’t go through.

The voip.ms settings are super simple, just server, accountid/password, and it’s registered… So can’t be something wrong there. I have the outbound proxy fields blank. In the VoIP.ms GUI it not only says it’s registered, it even tells me the firmware version of the 3710.

I took a Wireshark trace and it looks fine, 3710 is sending the INVITE to the number it’s trying to call, looks like it sends it 3 times, and gets connection replies from the VoIP.ms server. What does a successful trace look like?

Any number on the whitelist can call in and it works right away.

The firewall rules are “allow” any/any. When I press the doorbell, I can see the firewall set the states in the state table. Seems like all that is working normally.

I appreciate your help, I have been working on this issue for many hours and it’s very frustrating.


Could you help to open a ticket with HELPDESK of Grandstream and upload the wireshark trace? And enable SYSLOG to DEBUG mode and capture the syslog either if possible. Also capture the GXV3275 trace so it is possible to compare these two traces to see what might be the problem.

The GDS3710 itself will not have any limitations to call out as SIP extension unless Server side restricted or codec not compatible. The trace will tell the story. Could be bandwidth too big for the server or codec not compatible or H.264 profile not supported? Just name a few, but will tell from trace.

GDS3710 as callee to open door and the number should be in the whitelist, this is for security. Caller and Callee the SIP INVITE message might be different because the INVITE is from different Sender. Again, get the trace to start up the troubleshooting. Maybe just a few parameters adjustment will fix the issue, but we have to get trace to look it first. Thanks!


I figured it out. My sip provider does not support G722. Incoming calls worked but were garbled up, outgoing calls did not work at all.

Oddly enough my other Grandstream devices work with the same provider and same settings.

Regardless, as soon as I switched to PCMU calls come through very well.

Congrats to the firmware team, I’ve had these devices since launch and the feature additions have been great.

The only last piece I would ask for is an Android app with actionable notifications, either as part of GSWave or as its own “doorbell” app. I just want a native Android notification with a thumbnail image and 2 buttons “talk” and “open door”. That way the door can be opened with a single button when the doorbell rings. I’m working on it myself but it would be a huge benefit to Grandstream to develop this kind of app or add the feature to the wave app.


+1 for a door phone to android / iphone / PC / Mac app