3570 will not "ring" except on "auto-answer"


I disabled “auto answer” on account 1 and the far end gets ringback, however, there is no indication of an incoming call to the 3570. If I re-enable auto-answer, then the phone does receive the incoming call


I’ve not experienced that problem. Are you sure the 3570 has its own unique extension number. Ive had weird problems when I inadvertently gave two devices the same extension number - they will randomly ring on either of the devices. I’m wondering if the “auto answer” means the 3570 grabs the call before another device sees it?


Yes, the GSC3570 is the sole device for the extension. I also programmed an additional account with the same results. The far end is seeing ringing (hence ringback) and the SIP server is showing ringing of the 3570. It seems the issue is in the device itself.


do you have any wireshark captures or any syslog traces? need more info to debug the problem, as we don’t have that not “ring” problem.
did you reboot your device after you configured everything? thanks!


New development, when I call the 3570 with auto-answer CLOSED or INTERCOM/PAGING, the 3570 actually becomes unresponsive. If I press the CALL tile when ringing the 3570, the phone does not respond, then reboots…

What level of SYSLOG do you want? Also, PACKET TRACE from 3570, server, or both?


I am showing DEFAULT RINGTONE for ringing, however, when I press that on the PHONE GUI, there are no choices for ringtones…

If for some reason my 3570 doesn’t have a “ringtone” or the :ringtone" file is corrupted, that may make the 3570 “seize” upon a call to ring, while working on auto answer.


could you factory reset the device to recover the ringtone setting?

If problem still happens, will need SYSLOG at DEBUG level, and packet trace from and to 3570. (best way to do this could be port mirror), thank you!


THANK YOU! That was it! I just saw the DEFAULT RINGTONE selected, and didn’t think to look further to see that there was nothing selected (nor any choices) for RINGTONE…

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


could you also test the incoming call from GDS3710 when you got time. I assume the incoming call not rings also caused by the DINGDONG ringtone… thanks!


I get ringing, I get a DOOR OPEN ICON, however there is no video showing before answering the call. If I press the DOOR OPEN ICON before answering, the DOOR is OPENED and call is terminated (just as you would expect). If I answer the call, I get VIDEO and can OPEN the DOOR with the ICON.

All appears to be good!