3240 sets becoming randomly unresponsive requiring power cycle


I have a client that has been stalled for approximately one year they have 12 GXV3240 sets. They have been recently upgraded to the latest software as has the UCM 6102. It seems to me the problems have started to develop since the upgrades . However the symptoms or that the sets will randomly become Unresponsive in the day or night . The display will still show but there is no ability to have the set interact . The only solution is too power cycle the phone. Currently it appears that the extension may appear to be registered on the UCM even when it is unresponsive. Calling the set will cover to voicemail .

I am suspecting the power over Ethernet switch that provides power to the phones . It has been working fine up till now as far as I’m aware . So what I’ve done is plugged the local power supplies back in for the phones even while they remain connected to the power over Ethernet switch I tested this at my office and there were no adverse affects .

It seems like the unresponsiveness is still occurring although I’m still in the midst of testing for a more solid diagnosis .

Question : Has anyone experienced anything similar to this in the recent past ?


Try Factory reset. It can be some memory leak or some other android stuff that make it slow.


Thanks… Factory reset and re-upload the config? Or program from scratch 22 phones?


You can try upload settings, it should be fine.


Working with danny and we changed the expire timers and that seemed to do it. We set them back to default and shortened them a little Cannot remember what setting we made them but seems to have resolved. Thanks Marcin!