3 registered phones in a ring group and only one extension rings


Guys I need help.

This UCM 6202 has been working fine with a successful ring group of 3 devices (Gxp 6525, 6105 and 2200 extension 1000,2000 and 3000). The ucm uses 2 analog lines. Suddenly started to ring In just 1 phone. I’ve upgrade the dice to the latest version so far, upgrade phones as well, erase and make the extensions and inbound patterns (_s, _xxxxxxxxxx, _xxxxxxxxxxx) an the ring groups as well. If I send the calls to an extension individually instead of the ring group would not ring either.


Remove everything from 2 box inbound, This for restriction and if call does not have caller number then it will be stooped. As for not ring it look more like a problem with configuration.


check dnd on the two that are not ringing. both on the phone and the ucm dial codes.



This problem was once resolved with a gxp 2130 the volume was moved to zero by client if everything is correct don’t over look checking the volume


Hello. I have the volume in max in all phones. Also I have other VoIP SIP accounts with other provider as a failover in each phone in their second account. However when I go and monitor the calls at the call monitor screen I see that the only one ringing is the ext 2000 and no sign of extensions 1000 and 3000.

Please advise


Whem the incoming call is placed go to the ucm System status => active calls and confirm your ringgroup extension is ringing.

if the ring group is ringing and just the one extension is ringing delete the ring group and recreate it and test.


put the “contemporary” ringtone in the group?



Hello Guys.

This issue was resolved by factory resetting the phones and by updating them to the latest firmware. Also updating the UCM6202 to the latest firmware as well.

Thanks for your help and advise.